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Accessories For Orchestral Strings. First up, pretty much all the knobs and faders have been made touch sensitive. It’s the control section of the ReMOTE controllers with its two giant, brightly lit LCD screens and intelligent Automap mode, which detects what instruments you have in your project and intelligently and logically maps the controls to the SL’s front panel. On a more positive note the knobs and faders have seen several massive improvements. Of course it could have more features, and moving faders, but that would cost more

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Novation remote zero sl All Novation Control Surfaces. SinceI have been an avid user and regular beta tester of the Novation Remote SL line and their associated Automap technology, so when the chance to review the new Mk2 version of the Remote Zero SL came up I was more than happy to take delivery of the unit and give it a test run.

Does it live up to expectations? Illuminated buttons for clear feedback. It does still have some limitations, however – see the Mapping for the future boxout for more novxtion this. All controls can be named and memorised as a collection with a group template name, then saved in any one of the novation remote zero sl template remkte.

For example, the pads can be set up as velocity-sensitive MIDI notes or buttons assigned to a CC number, where the value of that number is novation remote zero sl by the strength the pad is hit.


Our reviews are the best. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable.

For the money, the Zero MK 2 is an incredible piece of gear – no, it doesn’t have motorized faders, novation remote zero sl that just adds another layer of expense and complexity that is just not necessary. Support in Reason has always been first class, but it’s recently been improved in the other four applications.

Plug-ins and virtual instruments that would have usually taken a substantial amount of time to map were instantly displayed across the unit’s two displays. The nice thing about the Automap software is that each keyboard or Zero can be setup to control a particular software or hardware synthesizer independent of the other units. The physical changes in the layout of the keys on the MK2 novation remote zero sl the MK1 is much improved. No power supply as standard for use with low power USB hubs. Now zzero the Mk2series and Automap 3 available, Novation seems to have taken their product to a new level.

Novation remote zero sl main difference we see here is that the buttons are now fully illuminated, allowing you to quickly ascertain whether or not a particular control is engaged.

In the entire time I have been using Automap I have had very few glitches and this is some feat considering that the software talks to pretty much every third party plug-in and DAW out there. Image 1 of 2.


Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Below this there are more controls for switching modes and controlling the software interface. The powerful control of the Remote series sans keyboard.


Also it might be worth throwing this in a flight case if you want to take it on the road, though the plastic case, although well made, might not stand up to the rigours of novation remote zero sl gigging.

Novation ZeRO SL review | MusicRadar

Fantastic Automap mode This intelligent mode is set to revolutionize the way you make music! It also makes navigating though menus simple, as each novation remote zero sl is laid out side by side and edited using the buttons or knobs directly below.

Log in Become a member. Call us at novation remote zero sl Physically, the unit is about the right size to fit into a 19″ rack, but it actually sits on your desk. This not only means that simply touching a control will bring up the right row on the display but manual novation remote zero sl becomes a breeze.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. You are now able to quickly preview the state of a certain control without even moving it. Crossfader for digital DJs. The crossfader is likely to be very popular with digital DJs and can simply be used as an extra fader if this is not your area.

Clear innovative touch sensitive controls. Also the lights on the endless rotary controls are a really nice touch and look really cool.